micro malted in reno, nevada

Micro Malted in Reno, Nevada USA

    The glow of the heat generator during kilning

Rebel Malting Company is small, and produces malted products with local and niche grains ( Barley, Millet, Emmer Wheat, Buckwheat) for the brewing and distilling industries.

Micro malting operations are located in Reno, Nevada. Grain is primarily sourced from two locations: Fallon and Yerington, Nevada. Plus other locations if our farmers can not grow it here in Nevada.

The Rebel focus is to sow and grow grains within 100 miles of the malthouse and hand deliver (no 'middle-man') this product to local brewers and distillers near Reno, Nevada. An emphasis on customer service is achieved through order customization. Rebel utilizes advances in malting technology to lower water usage up to 30% (we are located in the 'Rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains) and is constructing parabolic solar troughs (345 days of sunshine a year) to heat the building and first step in the kilning proce
ss. Rebel also supplies whole grain beer making and home malting kits, complete with detailed directions. Please see the About section for more details.

                            Parabolic solar trough design by Sandia National Laboratories

                                                       Lance Jergensen: Chief Falcon
                                                     560 Moran st. Reno,  Nevada USA





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